Yoga Teacher Training +300 hour RYT Yoga Alliance

Our Yoga style reflects the creativity and fluid movement of Vinyasa Yoga, the refined alignment and heart opening of Anusara Yoga, and the community building elements of Partner Yoga and Acro Yoga. 
Our practice and lifestyle is embedded with Vaisnava Philosophy of loving service to the Divine. We see this practice as a way to purify and awaken our consciousness as well as inspire our daily lives.

For certified 200 hour RYT teachers towards the completion of the 500 hour RYT Certification with Yoga Alliance
Optional modules:
-Acro Yoga Inbound TT (100hrs)
-Yoga Therapy TT (100hrs)
-Thai Massage Certification- Level 1 (50 hrs) and Level 2 (50 hrs)
-Vedic Astrology and Yoga TT (50hrs) 



AcroYoga Inbound Teacher Training
(+100 hour RYT)

AcroYoga Inbound is a combination of Bhakti Yoga Philosophy of loving service and connection with the divine, an aligned and heart opening Yoga Practice, and the playfulness and community building of AcroYoga.

The word INBOUND reminds us to go within, to direct our mind and energy inwardly to find true satisfaction and happiness.

5 day AcroYoga Inbound Intensive

Join us for 5 incredible days of Yoga, AcroYoga, Meditation, Pranayama and Yogic Philosphy!
Learn the fundamental principles of AcroYoga. A focused course that will give you the skills to Base, Fly and Spot AcroYoga Flights as well as build a solid Inversion Practice.
All levels of experience welcome!

Investment: 400usd (50hrs Yoga Alliance)
25usd/day shared room and food


AcroYoga Inbound Fundamentals Teacher Training

This course is for those who have taken an AcroYoga Inbound Intensive, and want to learn how to begin to teach the fundamental principles of AcroYoga, for personal practice or within a Yoga Class.
*Recommended for those with a 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification.

Investment: 450usd (50hrs Yoga Alliance)
25usd/day shared room and food


Thai Yoga Massage Level 1 Certification
(+50 RYT hours)

Thai Yoga Massage is a healing technique with roots in ancient India. This practice was brought to Thailand more than 2,000 years ago by Ayurvedic Doctors (the original medicine of India) as well as by Buddhist Monks. The technique combines passive stretches and  application of pressure on the muscles and the energetic lines of the body. 

Thai Yoga Massage increases the mobility and the flexibility of the receiver. It also decreases body tension and  significantly improves circulation, as well as calming the nervous system. In this school the therapist also learns how to align their body to give the massage in a sustainable  and healthy way.

In our Level 1 Certification Course, participants learn a complete 1.5hr Thai Massage Sequence as well as receiving a detailed manual. We study all 4 of the traditional positions of Thai Massage, Supine, Prone, Side, and Seated.

- The History and Philospophy of Thai Massage
- Energy Lines of the body (Sen)
- Fundamentals of how to give an effective massage, including how to align and care for your own body.
- Doshas (Ayurvedic Constitution) with tecniques on how to harmonize internally and with your receiver.


Thai Yoga Massage Level 2 Certification (+50 RYT hours)

In our Level 2 Certification Course, we deepen our understanding of the dance that is giving a Thai Massage. We'll look at how to use our feet with sensitivity to work the energetic lines of the body. Also students learn more detailed techniques to be able to give a longer more refined session. This course is recommended for practitioners already with experience giving Thai Massage Therapies.

Explore This Beautiful Healing Art

These techniques are recommended for healthcare profesionales, yoga teachers, and any person interested in learning healing techniques to share with friends and family.

Price each module:
 400usd(50hrs Yoga Alliance)
 Includes housing and three delicious vegetarian meals.
Shared room:  $25usd/day,

-Students will also participate in our daily program in our Yoga Ashram. This includes morning meditation and pranayama as well as sharing in our delicious vegetarian meals. There will also be daily Therapeutic Yoga Classes and Yoga Philosophy Classes. The focus is in developing the internal sensitivity, conscious breathing and alignments necessary for a Thai Yoga Massage Session. We also cultivate this self-understanding to be able to surrender as channels for divine love and healing.


Yoga Therapy Course
(+100 hours RYT)

Have you always wanted to learn to help guide others in their healing journey through yoga, nutrition and massage? Here is your opportunity!
Come deepen in your yogic practice and/or teaching in our comfortable ashram.
This course can be applied towards the 200hr or 500hr RYT

Certification with Yoga Alliance. Trainees will Learn, practice, and teach the following:
-Study a complete Yoga Therapy Class to be offer to elderly students, pregnant women, students with injuries, and beginners.
-Understand common injuries and how to treat them with Thai Massage techniques and aligned yoga postures.
-Study in depth yoga anatomy with a Therapist: Understand how muscles, tendons and ligaments function in yoga posses, as well as understanding the physicality of common injuries.
-Yin Yoga Module and Experiencial Practice
-An in depth study of Ayurveda and Chakra therapeutic recommendations and Techniques.
-Experientially learn how to guide others in cleansing and detox, through your own experience with Liver, Gallbladder and Colon Cleanses as well as Learning Ayurvedic Kriyas (Cleansing Techniques).
-Study in-depth a Healthy Yogic Diet, practice preparing healthy recipes and juices for your own health and the well being of your clients.
-Learn how to understand a client holistically and provide them with an outlined therapy plan.
- Learn how to support your students in bringing inspiration and yoga into their everyday lives.
-Learn how to apply therapeutic Kinesiology Tape, for common injuries.
-Attend daily yoga classes focused on alignment principles, healing pain, and keeping the body pain free.
-Attend Daily Meditation and Pranayama (breathing exercises) Sessions.
-Daily Yoga Philosphy Classes focused to help guide us towards spiritual alignment and self-empowerment.

During the training we recommend following a vegetarian diet, no alcohol, or smoking.

Recommended Books
The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar
The Journey Within by Radhanath Swami
Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith
The Key Muscles of Yoga by Ray Long

Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance RYT)
Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Certification from The Inbound School of Yoga in Yoga Therapy and can become eligible to register with Yoga Alliance with RYT-300hrs, or towards your RYT-500hrs, in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.

Course Fee 100hrs: $850 USD
Residential: $25USD/day shared housing.
*Includes three gourmet vegetarian "farm to table" meals during the course.

About the Head Instructor:
International Yoga Teacher Syam Vallabhi (Samantha Miller)
originally from the USA, encountered yoga in 2001 and since then has dedicated her life to the studying and teaching of Yoga, The Healing Arts and Yoga Philosophy all around the world.
As a Senior Teacher with the Inbound School of Yoga, Syam Vallabhi has run over 30 international teacher trainings in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and India. She is the founder and director of the Yogendra Eco- Ashram in Cali, Colombia (
Throughout her intensive yoga study, Syam Vallabhi has completed the Teacher Trainings of Anusara Yoga and is E-RYT 500 hour Yoga Alliance certified in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga.
As one of the Pioneers of AcroYoga in South America and Asia, she certified in 2008 and in 2013 she founded the AcroYoga Lineage of The Inbound School of Yoga.
She is certified in Traditional Thai Massage by The Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and Thai Yoga Massage by Jennifer Yarro.
Syam Vallabhi is devoted to her path as a Bhakti Yogini, to her Teachers Gurudeva Atulananda Acarya Majaraj and Chaitanya Nitai Das, and to sharing transformative tools in order to empower others to align with their life purpose and true happiness.




One of the best experiences of my life was spending a few months learning yoga from the amazing teachers Chaitanya and Saranagati in Cusco, Peru. Both Chaitanya and Saranagati have had many years of experience in yoga and holistic sciences and it is evident in their teachings to their students. They have learned, practiced and taught yoga in India, US and South America.


Cusco - Lima - Miami - Bogota - Bs.As. - Barcelona - Australia - India