India Teacher Training and Sacred Sites Tour
with The Inbound School of Yoga

20 Day Yoga Retreat and Sacred Sites Tour
(100hr RYT Yoga Alliance)
Oct 13-Nov 2, 2019

Delhi-West Bengal-Rishakesh-Hardiwar-Vrindavan-Taj Mahal

Join Chaitanya Nitai Das, Syam Vallabhi DD
and the Inbound School of Yoga Family, for this incredible opportunity to explore Sacred India and deepen in your yoga practice, understanding and teaching!
We'll meet for a few days in New Delhi, visiting the most important temples and getting accustomed to the rhythm of life in India. Then
we'll travel north to deepen in our Yoga Studies on the white beaches of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, the Capital of Yoga.
A yoguis' dream come true! Imagine yourself practicing Yoga, Meditation and studying Vedic Philosophiy on the banks of the sacred Ganges River!
We'll hike through the Himalayas to bathe in one of her most famous mountain waterfalls.

From our base in Rishikesh, we'll travel north to Hardiwar, one of the most important pilgrimage sites, where the Ganges emerges from the Gates of the Himalaya Mountains. As we enjoy the scenic trip in cable car to visit one of Shakti's Temple's and join the hundreds of pilgrims for the nightly vibrant celebration of the Ganges River (Ganga Puja) with Kirtan and candles!

From Hardiwar we head back through New Delhi, and enjoy an evening in the local markets before making our way to the Taj Mahal! We'll finish our tour in Holy Vrindavan Dham to celebrate Diwali (the festival of lights), and to understand the lifestyle of yogis, as we visit ashrams with spiritual teachers from India and the most sacred temples, rivers, and lakes. Vrindavan is the heart of Bhakti Yoga where Radha and Krishna execute their divine pastimes.

This course can be applied towards both the 200hr and 500hr RYT with Yoga Alliance.

Chaitanya Nitai Das
Syam Vallabhi DD
This tour can be taken independently or together with our 80hr Teacher Training Program.
Open to students and teachers of all levels of experience.

Full Package: $1,950 USD
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One of the best experiences of my life was spending a few months learning yoga from the amazing teachers Chaitanya and Saranagati in Cusco, Peru. Both Chaitanya and Saranagati have had many years of experience in yoga and holistic sciences and it is evident in their teachings to their students. They have learned, practiced and taught yoga in India, US and South America.


Cusco - Lima - Miami - Bogota - Bs.As. - Barcelona - Australia - India